The Women of Letters Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary!

Dear readers,
I’m so delighted to announce that The Women of Letters has been in existence for five wonderful years of thought-provoking issues, artistic inspirations, historical reflections, and more, thanks to you! I started this blog to be a dialogue between me and a very brilliant, intellectual friend who had left a graduate program. However, as her path took her elsewhere, the blog became entirely mine from the start. And it has brought me nothing but good luck and positive experiences. It was a big step for me to put my ideas on voice out there in the blogosphere, as I’m not someone who doesn’t like to spend much time online. But the response has been so encouraging and it’s really such a heartwarming feeling to know that people read my blog. Best wishes to you for a happy Thanksgiving, and why not try your own hand at blogging? You never know where it may lead you.
With gratitude,

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