Open Letter to Sheryl Sandberg

The Facebook message I sent to Sheryl Sandberg regarding the housing eviction of tenants to make room for Facebook employees in Redwood City:

Dear Ms. Sandberg,
I admire you and your work immensely and enjoyed your book, Lean In. Many women in high positions may not choose to be generous, but how wonderful that you did! May I ask for you to extend your generosity again in ensuring that families—especially ones with single moms (as you have tragically become—my huge sympathies)—are not evicted from their homes such as the Buckingham Apartments in Redwood City in order to provide housing for Facebook employees? I don’t think what people are undergoing in Silicon Valley due to skyrocketing housing costs is fair. While Facebook and you, I am sure, contribute to various causes, it is important not to be part of a system that forces people from their homes. Thank you very much for your consideration.
Best wishes,
Sonja Srinivasan
BA Stanford University
MA Columbia University