The Women of Letters blog is by Pushcart Prize-nominated Sonja Srinivasan, who holds degrees from Stanford and Columbia and has also studied at Oxford, the University of Michigan, UCSD, and Mannes College of Music.  She also holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from the renowned Warren Wilson program. She also speaks six languages, plays the violin, and sings opera!  Sonja’s interests include, among other things, anthropology, English literature, the fine arts, classical music and opera, social commentary, international development, higher education, et cetera.

The posts are simply an outlet for a world of ideas to stimulate the mind and soul.  Think of it as academia online, in bite-size pieces!

Intelligent, constructively critical responses and opinions are welcome; needless to say, personal attacks and rants are not and will be removed! From time to time, I will welcome guest writers—-men and women—-to contribute to the blog.  Thank you for reading!

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